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Oklahoma Foundation Repair

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Brean Foundation Repair with over 20 years in the foundation repair business, provides quality foundation repair and complete customer satisfaction.

Brean Foundation Repair utilizes the Dual Pier System which provides twice the support and stability compared to other foundation repair systems.

The integrity of your home centers around a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation the stability and value of your home is compromised.

Brean Foundation Repair specializes in the repair of slab foundations for residential and commercial properties in Tulsa and all of Oklahoma. We’re the affordable, reliable solution for your residential and commercial slab foundation repair needs.

Foundation problems are most commonly caused in the Tulsa area by expansive soil, which expands when wet and shrinks when it dries. Soil with clay in it is often expansive soil. Variations in moisture (rain, humidity, and scorching heat) causes the soil beneath the foundation to heave or settle, which can cause foundation problems. Over 65% of homes built on this type of soil will experience foundation problems. At Brean Foundation Repair, we specialize in stabilizing and repairing foundations. We offer free estimates.

The Brean Foundation Repair team is highly trained to work with the soil conditions, climate, and building characteristics of this area.

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